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Nov 21, 2015

Location: Crossfit Harrisburg....  Harrisburg, NC

Nikon D600 w/70-200mm 2.8   Alien Bees 800 and Pro Studio 300 Strobe





      This session was a very special one... 1. Because Patrick is my neighbor 2. Its always a pleasure working with someone who is passionate about their job. Patrick and his wife Ashley were one of the first couples that I met when moving into this neighborhood. Such nice people and very genuine. When I was approached by Patrick about setting something up I was super stoked. We also set something up for headshots for Ashley and a couples shoot in the Spring, so stay tuned for those images. Once we set a date, Patrick got in full stage competition mode. I have worked with plenty of athletes and Patrick by far put the most effort in to prepare for this shoot. He may have felt pressure was on him but it was on me as well. He was 100% committed and I was going to make sure I delivered. Frankie, who is the owner of Crossfit Harrisburg is so supportive of BAW Photography and allows me to shoot there when its available. I would like to personally thank him for that. Patrick and I went back and forth via email trying to determine a good time that would fit with his diet. We were able to decide on a 5am start time.... YES I SAID 5AM!!!!  The morning came and it was time to go.


Patrick and Ashley showed up right on time while I was finishing setting up my strobes. I decided to go with my softbox and my Alien Bees strobe for a pop of light in the background. We started with some profile shots with the shirt off. All I can say is Patrick put in WORK!!!! He took full opportunity of looking his best for this session. He did not disappoint.


Patrick was very open to any ideas I had and just like all my clients was super easy to work with. It was great that Patrick had stage competition experience because he knew how to hold his poses and how to deliver his best. We decided to do a wardrobe change and get some different looks. Ashley was a huge help and clearly a great support system for Patrick. You will see later that we even got some legit images of her with Patrick.


As the session progressed I could tell these images were going be insane. They were coming out good straight out of the camera. My fellow photographers understand, that when you get in a zone and images look gallery ready right out the camera its the best feeling. Not just because of how the photos were turning out, but because these images were going to represent a company and a brand and I couldn't wait.



I already had in my mind the shots I wanted to get of Patrick in his elevation mask. They turned out just as I wanted. Talk about looking fierce!!!!!! Patrick nailed these!!!! Exactly the look I wanted.



As we started to wrap up the session I wanted to get that one magazine cover shot. Ashley assisted me with this idea. Wanted to get a picture of him lifting up his shirt showing off that core work and nutrition he has put in.


We then set of some artistic shots to really show off his vascularity. Have never took shots like this before but extremely pleased on how they turned out. It was then time to get Ashley in a few. I have 2 favorites which consist of Ashley being on his back for a push-up and a really cool black and white image of Ashley facing Patrick's chest. All in all every single one of these images turned out awesome.


In conclusion I want to say how much a respect all the hard work that Patrick put forth for this session. I would also like to give huge kudos to Ashley because I know it takes a strong support system to understand and value what Patrick was doing. Seeing the way both of you supported each other was a blessing to be a part of. I look forward to working with Ashley very soon for her headshots and I know she is going to kill it.


For any of you looking for a personal trainer or in need of a nutritional plan I strongly suggest that you contact PLF @ [email protected]. He is very knowledgeable and loves his job!!!! Until next time, if you love what you do... dont stop and keep pushing!!! Its your passion so you have to put the work in...




Instagram : plf_patrick_lam_fitness





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