Ann Marie Hubbard of Crossfit Pineville

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Jan 22nd 2018

Location: Crossfit Pineville

Nikon D750  24-70mm Tamron G2 2.8 ... 70-200mm Tamron G2 2.8  and 2 Einstein 640's Paul C Buff



      Right back at you with inspiration athlete #4. This athlete would represent Crossfit Pineville.  The athlete selected is Ann Marie Hubbard. I have never met or captured Ann Marie before but Brandon and Michelle (Owners of CFP) spoke highly of her so I KNEW it would be a good one!!  I have been fortunate to work with CFP for headshots and marketing material. Have become pretty good friends with Brandon and Michelle Shuck of CFP.  This is another box that continues to shout me out on social media and also have some things scheduled with them in the near future. Would love to get out there and shoot the Open... but we will see. (clears throat) ha. Ann Marie's response to the email was just as grateful as all the other athletes have been. Which literally makes me smile ear to ear.  Check how this Mom's journey with Crossfit ....

1. How long have you been doing Crossfit? I am going on my 4th year.

2. What brought you to Crossfit? 

I was an avid runner, who ran anywhere between 30-40 miles a week, as well as a spin and step instructor in my free time. I was a gymnast in High School so fitness was always a very important part of my life. As I approached 50 years old my Internal Medicine doctor told me that I had to start lifting weights to support my skeleton with more muscular strength. I am a very intentional person so I did a lot of research and landed on Crossfit. I was definitely very intimidated  since many of the videos I watched had such strong women who all looked younger than me. .

3. What do you enjoy the most about being at CFP?

The community at CFP is amazing. Since I moved to Pineville last year, I have had the experience of being at 5 different boxes since starting CFP 4 years ago. CFP is absolutely my favorite. Brandon and Michelle were so welcoming and it impressed me that the owner actually performed the programming he did for the gym each and everyday. This is not the case at every gym. When the owner is in the pain cave along with their members it is the secret sauce to the community they create.  I love that every week you can find something small that you improved upon. Pushing yourself mentally and physically  beyond your comfort zone became a feeling I yearned for consistently. I found that with a plan in place along with dedication and pure hard work, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Most of my friends who are 50+ years old just accept that their body is older and therefore cannot change to be more fit. (This is totally inaccurate).  The group classes is what gets me walking in the door everyday. As a gymnast you are typically an individual contributor and being 5”1” I did not participate in team sports, but it was something I always wanted to do. Crossfit is both individual as well as a team environment and this fed my passion in a way I never expected.

4. What would you tell others who are thinking about trying Crossfit? 

Jump in with both feet no matter what your age, don’t hold back. If you don’t understand something ask questions. In the beginning of my CF experience I heard all these people mentioning something about an “Open” and I was so intimidated I did not ask and just did not show up on Saturday’s because apparently that was something for very advanced people. After a year in when people started talking about it again, I pulled a coach aside and asked him “What is this “Open” thing” ? It was so exciting for me to see how many ways I could compete. However listen to your body and join a box that has strong coaches. This is exactly why I have found a home in CFP.



5. What motivates you? 

Throughout my CF journey, I realized that I was much more competitive than I was in my younger years. I love pushing myself both mentally and physically and walking away with a very satisfied feeling to tackle anything that comes my way for that day.  his specifically has translated over to my both my professional and personal life.  I get so excited to see others improve in our gym and share in their enjoyment of achieving that one new move. I believe, as a Masters Athlete (50-54),  I have a responsibility to help those who are older believe they can participate in any way that achieves a positive experience for them. At CFP their community is accepting of all levels, this in and of itself keeps me walking through their doors on a daily basis. 


Once again .... Amazing responses. Why is this so awesome.. because I was stoked to shoot another Masters Athlete. Talk about drive.... no other athletes like it!!!  

Ann Marie works  full time as a Director for Johnson &Johnson (21yrs and going strong) which has a goal to have the healthiest workforce by 2020 and she is making sure to do her part to emulate that. She is also married to an amazing husband for 21 years and have 2 wonderful teenage boys (17 Cole and 15 Alec).
As we were talking she stated how she runs into so many people who think only stay at home moms can be super fit, but she has made it a priority and am blessed to be surrounded by all kinds of people who totally support her. Both at her job and her family. 




When Ann Marie arrived she just needed a quick warmup. While she was warming up we continued to chat a little bit and her personality was amazing. You could tell that she has a strong passion for this sport and the community. Talk about enjoying being around another athlete. Could have talked to her all day. Since this was a photo session guess we couldn't chat all day. She did a quick warm up with the bar then got to cleaning and snatching. For these images I used my 24-70 2.8 Tamron G2. Love this lens.

Had to throw in a Jerk... Split Jerk might I add..... Love it!!!

Then we moved into some snatching.... All she needed was a couple practice reps and we were good to go. Wanted to catch a static hold right above the knee. Then followed up with some good old SNATCHIN'....



During these sessions as I speak with athletes I tend to get more of an idea of what movements athletes would look amazing doing. With Ann Marie I quickly grabbed some parallettes. She nailed this L Sit!!!!

While we were in the gymnasty game it was time to walk upside down.... For these I used my 70-200mm 2.8 Tamron G2.


Since Ann Marie's shoulders were nice and loose we moved over to the rig. We were able to knock out some good pull up and toes 2 bar. Love how graceful these athletes are. She was so on point with these. Went back and forth with my 24-70 and 70-200mm ... Hopefully you can tell the difference... Either way.. Dope Shot Alert... See below!!!!!




We had a few movements to knock out before finishing the session. We hit some wallballs, double unders and brought out the SKI ERG.... this would be my first official ski erg shot.... THANKS CFP!!!!!!



We finished on some ring dips elevated. Was pretty awesome to wrap up with this. 




It was an absolute pleasure working with Ann Marie today. She was a perfect representative for Crossfit Pineville. I know numerous athletes there and they all treat and receive me with so much love. I love that fact that this was my first time meeting Ann Marie and yet she knew so much of my work already and we had casual conversation as if we were friends prior. What I do realize is that this will happen again as I continue to interact with this amazing community. I want to thank CFP again for allowing me to shoot at their facility today. Want to thank my supporters for following me on this project. Tomorrow South Charlotte Crossfit is up.... STAY TUNED!!!! THANK YOU. 


GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!! 3..2..1..Shoot!!!


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