Jennifer and Gage Engagement at The Ivy Place

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 March 4th, 2018

Location: The Ivy Place

Nikon D750 w/70-200mm 2.8VR  and D3s w/50mm 1.4


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Good Evening everyone!!! This blog is a very exciting one to write. Why??? Because Jennifer (the bride to be) I have worked with before as well as her sister. I am also good friends with her family. Yup you guessed it.. through Crossfit. I tell you, this community is amazing!!! I was aware that Jennifer was in a great relationship with Gage (groom to be) but didn't know when the time was coming. I was so excited when I received a message from Jennifer with interest of booking my services for her engagement and wedding photos. We chatted for close to an hour about what she was looking for and possible locations for her engagement session. After going though a few we decided on The Ivy Place. From the pictures online I had a strong feeling this would be a perfect location. Boy were WE right. The weather was perfect. Not cold at all with a nice breeze. Jennifer and Gage even brought their adorable dog Rascal along. He was the best. 


When we arrived we literally started at a point where we could take a complete lap around the property. This place was designed for photo shoots. We were sure to take advantage of every part of this property. It was time to get started.


During engagement sessions I like to get solo shots of the bride to be as well. Jennifer was 100% on board. She had on a gorgeous blue dress that looks amazing in all these images. She definitely nailed it.

It was time to get Rascal involved. You could tell he LOVED his parents. He wasn't a fan of being left out of some photos, so it was time to get him there. 

Loved this one!!!!!!!

As stated before I am great friends with her family. Shelly Kinney provided Jennifer and Gage with a board that had details as to how they both met. The Kinney family have been huge supporters and if Shelly has a prop to be included.... then that prop will be included!!!!


We made our way around the property and I noticed a long gravel/dirt road that I thought would look great. Jennifer's dress was flowing in the wind and she looked amazing!!!!


After the road, I then saw a really cool looking stump/bench. So we headed that way. I shot majority of these with my 50mm on a Nikon D3s.  Wanted to get up close and personal.

When we first arrived at the property we could see that there were a couple old barn/houses located at the back of the property. There was definitely a snake concern with the grass being so thick. Jennifer was a trooper though... heels and all!!!!


We wrapped up on another dirt road. I wanted to make sure Jennifer was ok with getting on the ground. She was already down there before I finished asking. She rocks!!!!


I cant say enough how much I enjoyed working with Jennifer and Gage. If this is a glimpse into what covering their wedding will be like, then it is going to be a blast. Working with genuine people makes my job so much more pleasant and rewarding. Gaining friends rather than clients is something I will never argue with. I cant wait to cover their wedding in October. I want to thank Jennifer and Gage for trusting me with capturing this special time in their lives. Thank you for taking this time to read about my experience with this lovely couple. Stay tuned for their wedding day pics in October. So grateful!!!  Take care and be blessed everyone!!!!!!



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