Open 2018 ..18.1 at Crossfit Harrisburg

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Feb 23 2018

Location: Crossfit Harrisburg

Nikon D750  24-70mm 2.8  and D3s 70-200mm with 2 Husky LED work lights



      Week 1 of the Open is here and just as exciting as last year!!! Decided to start at my home box this year. Gotta look out for the hometeam!!  18.1 was a goodie and involved dumbells, rowers and some Toes 2 Bar. Was really looking forward to capturing some dumbell cleans and toes 2 bar. I have purchased new glass since shooting last years open, so my arsenal consisted of the new  Tamron G2 24-70 and 70-200mm. I also purchased a new body, the Nikon D3s.. which I love. Super fast and a beast in low light!!  Insted of using my typical strobes I decided to use some LED work lights to give a more Friday Night Lights look.  Check out 18.1... 

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
8 toes-to-bars
10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks
14-cal. row

Men use 50-lb. dumbbell

Women 35-lb


I have witnessed the growth of CFH over the past few years, so shooting the Open is an exciting time. I get to see athletes I don't get to see often and I get to capture the new members who have joined. The best part is shooting athletes who are doing the Open for the very first time. I knew we had a lot of athletes with gymnasty skills so I was expecting some epic T2B shots. 


I arrived a little early and was able to catch a couple of my favorite athletes hitting 18.1 already.... #nailedit


Frankie and Kate of CFH gave a briefing showing the athletes all the standards for each movement.



The movements were pretty self explanatory. There were a few questions in regards to the DB clean to overhead.  The lanes were numbered and DB's were in place... IT WAS GO TIME...


Athletes starting hitting those Toes 2 Bar. Considering there were only 8 it was tough to catch everyone on first go around. Thank goodness it was a 20min AMRAP.


The dope part about the db clean is seeing all the athletes getting aggressive with that initial pull.

Then we have the overhead. I found myself using my 24-70mm for majority of these shots. Allowed me to get up close and provide some different looks. 

 The rowing aspect was so much fun. For some athletes I literally setup right on the rower and got close and personal. By far some of my favorites. Seeing these athletes pull for their dear lives to reach those calories was awesome. 



 DAB ON EM!!!!!

Always love capturing shots like the ones below. These truly show what the Crossfit community is about. Motivating and pushing each other. Its amazing how much harder you can go with people yelling at you... LETS GO!!!!

Then we had these!!!! #RECOVERY..... IM NOT DEAD






 Being able to cover 18.1 at my home box was a great way to start off this Open season. Of course I would have rather been able to participate but hopefully these images count as my participation. I will be sure to complete 18.2 on Monday.  I am honored to be a member of such a great box and community. I also want to thank all of you for taking the time to read about my experience covering 18.1.Next up is 18.2 and I will be in action at Crossfit Jane.

Be blessed everyone


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