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Feb 1st 2020

Location: Crossfit Wreckage

2 Sony A9... w/ 24mm GM, 85mm GM and 70-200mm GM 



      Whats going on everyone. Been a while since I last posted and I promise to get back to sharing my experiences behind the lens. Much has changed since I last posted, the biggest being that I no longer shoot Nikon. I was a Nikon shooter for over 6 years but I wanted to move forward with a new system allowing me to grow more as a content creator. Not saying Nikon couldn't have done that however Sony was a seamless process to allow myself to provide photo and video. With that said I have settled on shooting with 2 A9 and an A7Riii for video. I did have a A7R4 but I sold it due to the massive file size with 61 megapixels. Ok now on to the shooting!!!!



Another year covering one of my favorite events which is RX Madness which is operated by RXtreme Games. Absolutely love working with Tori and Scott. This event has grown every year and continues to get larger and better. Location was at Crossfit Wreckage which is a box I consider to be family as well. RX Madness is a bracket/tournament style competition and provides a competitive atmosphere like no other. Event 1 was a 10min AMRAP that included Wall Balls, Box Jump Overs, Deadlifts, DB SNatches, Power Cleans and Echo Bike.

Pretty much shot this entire event with my 24GM


Those box jumps were intense. Also would like to give a shoutout  to athlete Adriana Barrera who unfortunately suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon during event 1 on box jumps. She is an amazing athlete and wish her a speedy and healthy recovery. I was fortunate to capture a few shots of her before so here they go!!!! GET BETTER ADRIANA...


On to Event 2. It was time for the big lifters to come out. Nothing but barbell work. Overhead Squats, Snatches... then max effort gymnastic movements for points. I was able to use the 85mm a few times here.. but lets be honest. I could have shot the entire comp on my 24mm.. just sayin...

Nothing but intense and dope vibes for this event. Celebrating moving some weight and possibly even some PR's 


Final Event before head to head bracket style was called "Couples Therapy"  which included Toes 2 Bar, Thrusters, Pistols, Goblet Squats, Clean and Jerks, Double Unders and Squat Cleans... YUP.. TONS OF FUN!!!!!


After all the scores were added up it was time to have teams go head to head. This was a spicy one... Devil Presses definitely got that heart rate up!!!

There were 2 more events that decided which teams would be in the Finals. We are talking Ski Erg... Strict Pullups... Deadlifts.. Squat Snatches... which then all ultimately led to Axle Carries... Axle Bar Cleans... Muscle Ups... and Handstand Walks. For the Final event I was able to break out the 70-200 GM!!!! 




Want to thank Tori and Scott for always having me cover their events. Look forward to many more to come. Much love to Crossfit Wreckage for always being a great host and making everyone feel welcome in their home. To all the athletes who gave me fist bumps.. said whats up... and were wearing Dope Content Swag.... I appreciate that so much!!!! Means a lot to me to have such great support in this community. I plan to share more stories with all of you this year. Its lined up to be a busy shooting year so stay tuned!!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this blog... Have a great day and Keep crushing life!!



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