Shirhall Family...Plus Baby Renee

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June 27, 2015

Location: Statesville, NC

Nikon D600 w/50mm 1.4 and Pro Studio Strobe



      I was beyond excited when I received an email from Catherine to schedule another shoot. The email started off as "Hello Bruce you did a shoot for us months back and we just had a baby girl and would like to schedule another shoot" My first reaction was that I was so happy for them. My second reaction was I get to spend time with an amazing family again. Their first shoot was a memorable one and at that time Maddie was their only child. Its was pretty cold and we were right on the water at Jetton Park. Amazing park but it was chilly and Maddie was definitely feeling the weather. Here is a pic below from our first shoot at Jetton Park. Im pretty sure in this picture my wife pulled out Pharrell "Happy" on her phone to get this smile...IT WORKED!!!


She was as cooperative as I expect a toddler to me. Needless to say this shoot she was in the zone. Which you can clearly see in the photo below. No this pose was not requested, Maddie literally worked my camera!!! She was great!!!! Cmon look at that face....


Maddie was in the comfort of her own home and she had a new baby sister by the name of Renee. When my wife and I first arrived at the Shirhall's home Maddie was so happy and energetic and baby Renee was sleep but in a matter of minutes she was awake. As my wife and Catherine chatted a bit I starting setting up my softbox and deciding which room I wanted to perform the shoot in. I chose the room with the fireplace because it was more open and would allow me to set blankets,pillows and other items against the brick. Not to mention who doesn't love a brick fireplace.  I started off by getting shots of big sister and little sister and Maddie was READY for this shoot. She was so cooperative and loved holding her baby sister.

After getting some good shots of Maddie and Renee, I then move on to Jeff and Renee. I loved how these came out. It was so awesome to see how happy he was while holding her and taking these photos. After the father and daughter we went to mother and daughter. I loved these as well. I brought out my portable backdrop and set it up against the wall. I then placed my softbox on the left side lighting their faces. All I can say is the portable backdrop gave me a look I always wanted to do and was very pleased with outcome.

As time went on Maddie began to ask to see every photo after I took a shot, thank goodness my photos met her approval. I finished by taking a couple family shots and then some solo of Renee. Catherine had a blanket in the design of a bear which made great for shots of Renee. She was such a well behaved baby and cant wait to do a shoot of her when she is walking and talking like Maddie. Its always a blessing when a returning client contacts you back because then you know you did something right. I do not take these opportunities for granted and the fact that they reached out to me even with them being located over an hour away from me means a lot. I take pride in providing the best work that I can and hope to continue with getting this type of support and love from my past and future clients. Until next time.. everyone be safe and Happy July 4th!!!!!!



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