Cassaundra Fitness Shoot

June 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

June 24 , 2015

Location: Crossfit Dilworth

Nikon D600 w/70-200mm 2.8VR  Alien Bees Strobe with 60" softbox, SB700 with softbox for outside shots



I would like to start this blog off with how much I appreciate the  love the fitness community is showing me. Cassaundra reached out to me after shopping numerous photographers and wanted to make sure she chose the right one.  When I received the email stating "Lets book a date" I couldnt wait. Next thing on the list was finding a location, so I reached out to the AWESOME owners of Crossfit Dilworth and they didnt hesistate at all to say yes. Stay tuned for some more work I will be doing for them very soon. I arrived a bit early so I could set up my stands and softbox to test my lighting. After a few test shots I was ready to go. 
Cassaundra arrived with her very close friend... a bag of clothes and a mirror. I knew she meant business.  Its always a great experience when meeting a client for the first time and there are nothing but smiles and laughs. Not to mention that Crossfit Dilworth was playing some old school classics that had Cassaundra ready to dance.  I clearly saw how down to earth she was I knew this was going to be a great shoot. 
I started her shoot in the brick hallway to get some casual yet edgy shots of her using my strobes to give a dramatic effect. I turned the strobe up to about 1/2 power and placed it front/right of her position. This allowed me to capture and edgy/commercial look that she was looking for.  I had no props with me at all but luckily our location was a Crossfit box... so plenty of props to choose from. I was able to get a kettlebell  to use for our outdoor shots and I grabbed a 4x4 from the pile that you can faintly see in the background of some shots.  When I brought out the 4x4 Cassuandra's words were "OH YEAH".
Once complete in the hallway we moved outside to get some action and posed shots with the kettlebell. I would have to say we got some of our best shots during this segment. Cassuandra even had a pose already in mind that she wanted to do and she NAILED it!!!! We started to get rumbles of thunder and overcast... but as my fellow photographers know we don't mind overcast at all. I was able to use my trusty SB700 and a 30 inch softbox to provide me some great off camera lighting. Majority of the time I had the light position off to the side to serve as fill light. We finished up the shoot going back into the brick hallway so that I could get some profile shots which I LOVED!!!! I cant wait to see which photos Cassaundra selects to have delivered to her. Some of the greatest words a photographer can hear is their client syaing "Its going to be such a hard decision" . To that I say Thank You. I want to wish Cassuandra luck as she competes in a figure competition this Saturday in Albermarle NC. DO WORK and regardless what the outcome is your a winner!!!!!
I would like to thank Crossfit Dilworth once again and all the Athletes their who worked around us and were extremely polite when leaving and coming.  THANK YOU!!!!!  



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