Emily Breeze "Crossfit Games Competitor"

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August 11, 2015

Location: Stax Charlotte....  Charlotte, NC

Nikon D600 w/70-200mm 2.8   Alien Bees 800 and Pro Studio 300 Strobe





      After shooting the SuperFit games I was getting tons of comments on my event photos and if I have worked with any individual Crossfit Athletes. Since I have moved to Charlotte and started coaching at Crossfit Harrisburg I have built some great relationships with the Crossfit Communinty. The continue to show me so much love. Just to show how this community works full circle, I will explain how I ended up working with Emily Breeze. First I did a shoot at Reebok Crossfit Charlotte Uptown for the Masters Throwdown Series from which I was hired by Thea Winick and I met Pamela Gagnon, another games competitor who allowed me to get one of my favorite shots to this date.

Reebok Crossfit HandstandReebok Crossfit Handstand

I have stayed in touch with Pamela and followed her with her journey to compete in the 2015 Crossfit Games. Then I did some work with Crossfit Dilworth and met Gracie and Brandon. Awesome owners and great box by the way. I have used the inside and outside of their facility numerous times and they have never hesitated when I ask. I did some work for CFD's new website which came out great. 



Then as time passes I realize that Brandon is on the same team as Pamela competing at Regionals in Atlanta... and as we know they DID WORK and qualified to go to Carson, CA for the 2015 Games. Then you may ask how I met Emily and YES she was also on that ream that represented Rising Crossfit Ballantyne. I blasted out request to see if anyone was looking to have some work done and the first to respond was Emily Breeze. Exactly what I needed, a Games Competior fresh back from from Carson, CA. We chatted a bit about setting a date and time and what type of pictures she was looking for. We literally decided meeting 2 days later. 

The location was set for Stax Charlotte off of S. Tryon St. First let me say when I walked into this box it was insane. It was huge and perfectly set up. This box was set and ready to go for a GRID League competition. To my surprise who was working there.... wait for it ... Thea Winick from the Masters Throwdown Shoot. Prime example of what I mean by full circle.


I started setting up my strobes while I waited for Emily. When she walked in I clearly saw why and how she was a Games Athlete. Its funny how when you meet someone for the first time and instantly click like we knew each other. As we discussed what type of images to do, Emily asked "Do you mind if I just do a 20min AMRAP"  My response "Absolutely not!!!" The AMRAP involved KB swings, Power Cleans, GHD's and Wall Balls. I would officially capture Emily doing what she does best... "Putting In Work"

I decided to use my 70-200mm for this entire shoot to give me some range. Not to mention there was a class going on at the same time but luckily by looking at these photos you can't tell. I was all over the place trying to make sure Emily looked like she was the only one in the gym. Another downfall there was NO MUSIC... yes NO MUSIC. Emily was able to zone out and allow me to capture some great images regardless. She went hard the entire workout which demonstrated her focus and determination to become the best athlete she can be. When the shoot was over she came up to me and said "Bruce are you good?" I had to chuckle because in my head I was thinking "You are the one who just did a 20min AMRAP and about to leave and teach a BootCamp" Instead I said "Yup Im Good" Gave each other a high five, she puts her weights away and she was gone. By far one of the most enjoyable, eventful and uncomplicated shoots ever. Just an elite athlete getting better and putting the work in. I look forward to working with Emily again in the near future. Be sure to check her out at Stax Charlotte as she will be running a FREE Bootcamp with Randy Moss....Yes I said Randy Moss. If your looking to get better or just get healthy be sure to check them out. Wanted to say thanks again for all of my supporters taking the time to read about my experiences and the kind words said to me about my work. This last picture I have posted says it all and may be one of my top 5 pictures taken so far. Believe In Yourself!!!!!  Enough Said..... Be Blessed Everyone.

Stax Charlotte: http://www.staxcharlotte.com/

Moga Charlotte: http://mogacharlotte.com/

Full Gallery: http://www.bawphoto.net/p157649417

Emily Breeze Instagram = @EMILYBREEZE





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