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October 25th 2016

Location: Crossfit Harrisburg

Nikon D750  70-200mm and 24-85mm with Alien Bees Strobes



      Good Evening All!!! When I started shooting  Athletes I never thought at some point I would be an exclusive provider of content for a Crossfit related company. Many people have asked me how did I get involved with Break Parallel and how did I get the opportunity to work with them. Well here is the story.... Cliff Notes Version....

The initial contact was made almost a year ago by Paul Peterson who was interested in having me shoot his hook grip product. We discussed for a week or so and the contact completely stopped. Being honest here, I thought  the interest in my work died down because it wasn't up to par and he decided elsewhere.  Fast forward to this year Paul reached out again and said "Bruce I haven't forgot about you and I actually will be in your area and wanted to talk a bit". Of course I was super excited for this discussion. Paul came for a drop in that I was coaching and we had a chat afterwards.

The conversation consisted of Paul stating he loved my work and wanted to know I was interested in providing photos for  Break Parallel and Break Parallel store..... I'll give you one guess as to what I said!!!  We discussed the details as to what he was looking for and also made him aware I would have no problem getting athletes together for our first shoot. Of course I started with my home box of Crossfit Harrisburg. I received box of Break Parallel gear for all my athletes to wear. At this point I felt LEGIT!!!!


I selected around 5 athletes from my box to work with and we set a schedule. Frankie who owns CFH is super cool and had no issue with me using the box. My goal of this shoot was to show athletes putting in work while wearing break parallel gear. I mixed in a bit of portfolio type images but majority involved movements. I reached out to the athletes and asked what their favorite movements were and tried to work around those request. I appreciate the athletes at my box for not hesitating one bit to help me make this happen. Then again why would I be surprised by the the support of the Crossfit community!!! 

Break Parallel continued to check in with me during the session to see how everything was going and the best part is that he gave me complete creative control. Of course I asked if there were any MUST HAVES and Paul said "Do your thing"

I didn't want this blog entry to be about my experience with this shoot, but more on the fact that hard work and consistency will get noticed. The support I have received from my wife... family and community and pushed me to keep shooting . I try my best to provide good content and display my own style.

I am super stoked to see how far this relationship with Break Parallel goes. I am sure some you have already seen some recent work I did with 3x Regional athlete Darian Nay.... which will have its own blog entry (COMING SOON) However this was an example of Break Parallel making this happen for BAW Photography!!!!!!


To all the other local boxes in the area stay tuned because I plan on making my way to you as well!!!!!

To all of you who have followed me on this journey THANK YOU..... To all of you who have shared.... reposted...tagged.... ANY OF MY WORK..... THANK YOU!!! God has been so good to me and grateful for all these opportunities. Cant wait to share more work!!!! 


Be blessed everyone





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