Megan UNCC Grad

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November 6th, 2016

Location: The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Nikon D750  70-200mm and 50mm 



      Good Evening everyone!!! You guess it... Senior session.... however this one is a college graduate. I was super excited when Megan asked if I was available for her senior portraits. Megan is an athlete at Crossfit Harrisburg and a Computer Science major at UNCC. Anyone who has met Megan knows she is a positive person and a great athlete at the box. Those of you who follow my work have seen Megan from my Break Parallel sessions. She has also made Crossfit Main site with a photo from another CFH photographer @pfrog. I already knew that she was super comfortable in front of the camera so I knew this session would go smoothly. We decided on shooting around the campus mid afternoon. She also informed me that her parents would be joining us and would also like get some pictures with them. I was looking forward to meeting her parents since she has become a huge part of the Crossfit Harrisburg Family.


We met right outside the campus and I followed her to our first location. There was plenty of sunlight  and it was clear of students as well. We pretty much had the area to ourselves. We initially started at a bench that had some great lighting.


I always love when there is a bench around because it allows an individual to sit down and relax. The great thing about this session is the consistent conversation I had with Megan's parents. They were so down to earth and a pleasure to be around. I could tell where Megan gets it all from... we laughed and joked almost through every pose. There were  steps at the entrance and I wanted to utilize to the fullest. Here is what we got!!!!!

When shooting portraits I love long walkways/sidewalks that have greenery or shade almost like a tunnel effect. This makes a great look when the sun comes through the trees providing great backlight. I love the way the sun reflecting off Megan's hair for this portion.

There was one thing I wanted to make sure we did and that was get Megan in front of her Major building. It wasn't a far drive however we were definitely getting our steps in. Should have worn my FitBit..HA. When we got to her building it was covered in shade. Definitely not the best lighting situation. Luckily I had my off camera flash and wireless triggers. Allowed me to get the shot I wanted and also was able to utilize my 50mm  to include some signage. Check it out.....

It was then time to migrate to the entrance of campus where the infamous UNCC sign was located. The goal was to get Megan up with the sign sitting/standing. I knew she wouldn't have a problem getting up there.

1. Because she is an athlete

2. Because is have seen here crush WODs at CFH

3. She has like 10 brothers so I am pretty sure there is nothing she couldn't do....

When we arrived at the sign... just as I thought she took off her heels and jumped up there with ease. Needless to say the images came out great!!!!!!

We even got Mom and Dad in the mix!!!!

After we finished dodging traffic at the entrance to get those images, Megan stated she wanted a "throwing cap" image. There was a large open field with plenty of light that would work perfect.

 It was then time for a wardrobe change. I did not realize there were so many locations to shoot on this campus. We finished up at a pond with a fountain. It was a perfect place to finish up. We were starting to lose sunlight so we had to move quickly. Megan was open to any and every pose that I had in mind. She stayed smiling and clearly loved to be in front of the camera. Makes my job really easy!!!!

Megan was super fun and full of laughter and smiles. Its been absolutely great meeting and working with her on numerous occasions. I can promise that you will see more of here in the near future. I was honored to shoot her as a college grad and cant wait to work with her again!!!! If she approaches life and her studies the way she approaches workouts then WATCH OUT WORLD.... Megan is coming!!!!!


I want to thank her again for having me and I wish her nothing but the best in her future!!!  As always thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this. Take care and be blessed everyone!!!!!!


Betty Jo Panzanella(non-registered)
Bruce thank you! You are great in this field! The pictures were beautifully done and to have someone with so much knowledge of the camera lighting posing you made some beautiful pictures of my ❤️️! We had fun being with you and I do want to thank you for always looking out for my girl from a coaching aspect, to flat tires, to photo shoots but most of all for believing in her all around! You are an amazing guy who we were so privileged to get to hang out with!!!
Thank you!
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