JEN and ABI Christmas Gift Session

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November 14th, 2016

Location: Freedom Park, Charlotte NC

Nikon D750  70-200mm and 85mm 



      Good Afternoon everyone! It has been a great year so far but definitely wanted to take the time and get back to sharing my experiences with you. Many of you read about my senior session with Abi, well this one will include Abi and her big sister Jennifer. Jennifer reached out to me a few weeks after seeing Abi's portraits. She stated that she wanted to get some pictures done for her parents as a Christmas gift. I was more than excited for my images to be delivered as holiday gifts. There were going to be 2 challenges I would face. 

1. I am close with their parents and speak to them periodically in regards to future bookings.

2. I had a session scheduled with their Mom the following week at their home. So I needed to make sure I kept things quiet. Also to make sure not to mention that I have met Jennifer. I was not going to be blamed for ruining this surprise.

     Jennifer and I coordinated a date and decided on Freedom Park as our location. If you are a photographer in Charlotte then you are aware of this spot. The weather was  clear skies with moderate temperatures. We were set to go!!!!


I arrived at Freedom Park and met with Jennifer and Abi right at the entrance. I always like to walk to the opposite end and then work backwards so we finish by our cars. There is a large pond which pretty much spans the entire park and towards the side was a bridge that I wanted to take advantage of. Working with these two was so much fun because they interacted with each other like best friends. I didn't need to tell them to smile once.


We then made our way over to the bridge. Only issue is sometimes you have to pause and let people pass. It was well worth it!!!


 While walking I noticed that the stone bridge that crosses over the pond was available. I have learned from past sessions that if that spot is free then you need to grab it ASAP. That's exactly what we did.

We laughed and had great conversation all throughout the session. Considering I had already worked with Abi, I figured it would be another great day. They were both up for anything I suggested and their relationship showed through every picture. I knew that their parents were going to love these!!!!!

The last image above was super fun because when I asked who was stronger and could hold the other on their back, Abi quickly replied "ME"!!! So that's what happened as you can see. Abi holding her big sister on her back. Look at those smiles.

We wrapped it up with me asking if there was any ideas they had for a pose. Jennifer stated she wanted one of them laying down with their heads going opposite directions. I think we nailed it!!!!


I have been fortunate enough to work with positive oriented people. Jennifer and Abi allowed that trend to continue. I was pleased when Jennifer notified me that she received the prints and LOVED the quality. I always recommend that my clients order directly from my vendor because the quality and clarity is exceptional. Earlier I mentioned that I had a session with their mother the following week. The great part about that is she mentioned numerous times that she wanted to schedule portraits for her daughters because she doesn't have any. I was smiling so big inside because she had plenty images coming her way. I look forward to hopefully working with Jennifer and Abi again. When I received the biggest thanks from Shelly(their mother) on Christmas day, Thanking me for the photos... it made it all worth it. Another reason why I love doing what I do. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read about my experience with these loving sisters. Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!


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