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March 21, 2016

Location: Stax Charlotte....  Charlotte, NC

Nikon D750 w/24-85mm  Alien Bees 800 and Pro Studio 300 Strobe





      As many of you know I have been fortunate enough to work with 2x Crossfit Games Athlete Emily Breeze numerous times. By the photo above you can tell this one was just a bit different. Shortly after the last shoot we started to discuss or next one.  She then informed me "Hey better sooner than later" Instantly in my mind I thought... she must be expecting. Sure enough I was correct. Once she officially announced to everyone we discussed a timeline as to when we wanted to do some maternity inspired Crossfit photos. Im sure that many of you reading this blog have been following Emily and tracking all the legit workouts she has been doing during her pregnancy. That's exactly what I wanted to capture. We had an idea to show all women and expecting mothers that you can still put work in. By no means am I stating to go against your doctors orders, I want to make that VERY CLEAR!!!! Emily and I decided on March because we figured she would really be showing by then. We stayed in touch through the past months and before we knew it.. it was go time.


We decided to shoot at STAX Charlotte mainly because it shoots extremely well and I have built a great relationship with them. Emily had a strength complex which was then followed by a WOD consisting of thrusters, overhead squats and kettlebell swings. Al I had to do was sit back and capture Emily doing what she does best... "DO WORK" The images below were of her strength complex consisting of front squats and reverse lunges.  Super Impressive!!!!!!

Witnessing the focus and work ethic of Emily first hand is so awesome to watch. Not to mention she was less than 6 weeks from her due date.

After completing the strength portion Emily starting setting up for the WOD.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Time)


KB Swings



After Emily was set up she looked at me and said "Ok Bruce..Im just going to zone out now" My response was.. "Well alright... Im ready when you are".  Emily found the Pandora station she wanted to listen to and yes I was stoked when she selected Young Jeezy Radio. Emily grabbed the remote and hit the timer.  

The fact that Emily was less than 6 weeks from delivering her baby boy and still moving through this workout was insane. As I was snapping away I kept thinking about our previous session and how she was just as focused doing these movements. The only real difference this session is that Emily stopped a bit for Gatorade and that she had a clear and evident baby bump.  Check out these two images side by side.... before and now..


Emily blazed through this workout. I was able to set up both of my strobes on both sides in front of her. She was even gracious enough to switch positions every other round or so to give me a different angle. The images came out awesome!!!!

After the workout we decided to do a wardrobe change and go outside and get a couple shots. We also came back inside and I was able to do a posed shot I always wanted to do involving a wallball. 


I wanted to thank Emily for continuing to work with me and allowing me to capture her during this amazing time in her life. One thing you can always count on from Emily is a smile and an amazing attitude. I am grateful to have her as a client and as a friend. I looking forward to meeting her baby boy and also working with her in the future. One of the things I love about the Crossfit comunity is that we continue to support each other on all aspects. I want to send continued blessings to Emily and her husband Montell. Thanks again to all of you taking the time to read this blog and please continue to follow my work. Also be sure to continue following Emily Breeze on IG @emilybreeze.


Stax Charlotte: http://www.staxcharlotte.com/

Moga Charlotte: http://mogacharlotte.com/

Emily Breeze Instagram = @EMILYBREEZE


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