Feliz Maternity Session

April 16, 2016  •  1 Comment

April 10, 2016

Location: Frank Liske Park and Crossfit Harrisburg....  Harrisburg, NC

Nikon D750 w/70-200mm  Alien Bees 800 with Beauty Dish





      I have known Annie and Felix for a couple years now.  Annie is an athlete at Crossfit Harrisburg and I coach along with her husband Felix. They also have an adorable son by the name of Xavier. Anyone who comes to Crossfit Harrisburg knows of this family. Great positive energy all the time. Although Annie may not walk into the gym with a smile, a few seconds later she all smiles. Annie approached me months ago that she may want to do a maternity shoot in the future so I just patiently waited for the email. When Annie officially reached out she stated she wanted to do one part outdoors and another part at the box. I was all for it!!!!! Crossfit Maternity images are extremely fun even though its a lot of work on Mom..so I need to make sure I get the shots quickly.  We started at Frank Liske Park by the water. I have performed a few sessions at this location so I was pretty familiar with the direction I wanted to go. We started off with Annie in a long flowing dress which I am unable to show since Mom would like to reveal herself.... which I am 100% on board with. However I will share some of the images we captured with her and her amazing family.



You cant tell me this family doesn't photograph well!!!!!!!! Once we finished at the park we made a short drive to our second home of Crossfit Harrisburg. Owner of CFH, Frankie was kind enough to allow us a window to have the facility to ourselves. Once we arrived Annie already had a few props she wanted to use so I started with that setup. I went with a simple beauty dish along with an off camera flash for some backlight. I then had Annie and Felix step in with the props. Annie was so upset she left her Metcons but the show must go on... She was a great sport about it. 


We then started to get some posed shots of Mom and Dad on the rings and using a barbell. It worked so well because they both are fluid in all their movements which make for great pictures. After posting the image below of Felix kissing baby Zoey in Annie's belly the feedback was AMAZING. Fitaid even reposted the image and the followers went nuts!!!!!!!!!!!! Its was great to see so much positive feedback from seeing a fit mom still moving a barbell.  


The image below is the one that sent Instagram into overload. It was a great feeling. For myself as the photographer and Annie and Felix of course. 


I was very happy that Annie and Felix decided to use me for this special time in their life. I know they had other options to go with and I was grateful for the opportunity. So I say THANK YOU!!!  I cant wait to meet Zoey and I am sure she will bring even more joy into your life.  I would also like to thank Anna Quan for doing hair and makeup. I look forward to working with her in the future as well. 

Location: Frank Liske Park and Crossfit Harrisburg

Hair and Makeup = Anna Quan... follow @annakquan





Annie Feliz(non-registered)
Love your blog and how you are able to describe the experience. You couldn't have it done it anybetter! Ha! specially, how I may not walk to the gym with a smile (most of the time I dragging myself bc Im so tire) but as soon as I see my CFH family or start the warm up...peace and hapiness comes to me! :)

The maternity shoot was awesome and my favorites pictures are of course the ones at the box! It captured how passionate we are with one of the keys that mades our family strong: Searching for good mental and phisical health together.

We are so thrilled with all the support we received, not only fitaid repost your picture but also oso barbell. The comments from their followers mades my heart melt...cant still believe it and you made all of this possible. Once again...Thank You!!
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