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Location: STAX (Charlotte, NC) and Red Dog Crossfit (Wake Forest, NC)

Nikon D750 and D600 w/50mm and 24-85mm and 70-200mm   Alien Bees 800, Pro Studio 300 Strobe 



      Over the past few years since moving to Charlotte I have been fortunate enough to cover numerous Crossfit events/competitions. I am always interested and willing to cover events that support a great cause. Girls Gone RX is exactly that!!!!! Its an organized event where women team up and perform multiple WODs and raise money for breast cancer. All the athletes come up with great team names and and the best "PINK" outfits while having fun.  My journey working with GGRX all started with the introduction to Lindsey Marcelli. She is the CEO & Founder of GGRX and when we connected through Facebook I was STOKED. She expressed kinds works on my work and asked if I would be interested in covering an event. She received my name from Thea of STAX...who is AMAZING!!!! I quickly told Lindsey YES and we covered all the details. 


My first event that I  covered was at STAX in Charlotte NC. I am very familiar with that facility since I have performed numerous shoots there. The atmosphere of these events are amazing. Ladies traveling from all over North Carolina to come to a central location for an amazing cause. These athletes pull out all the stops.. from crazy socks...shirts...capes.. and hair!!! These girls truly came for a great time. For these events I make sure to have both my camera bodies on me so I can give different looks. I have my strobes connected with wireless trigger on my D750 and my D600 for natural light. Every single athlete there is so welcoming and friendly so I definitely want to make sure I provide the best images I can. For this event at STAX I setup an all white backdrop to capture some team photos.

 Once the event starts it is pretty fast paced. They tend to always stay on schedule. Which I LOVE!!!! The events consist of all movements possible which I am pretty sure are programmed at random... but are still very challenging. Nothing like seeing female athletes move around some weight during a competition.

 Its also a great experience to see these ladies supporting and cheering for each other. It's also impressive to see these athletes perform a full day of intense workouts!!



My second event was at Red Dog Crossfit. This event was a bit of a drive for me but so worth it. I was treated so well as soon as arriving and even built some new relationships with athletes. The great thig about the Crossfit community is that we all support each other in all our fields of expertise.  These girls were putting in work. I decided not to use any strobes to cover this event and I couldn't be happier with my decision.  Red Dog Crossfit had the coolest logo which I will show below.


For this event majority of the teams were local which made it kind of cool because they knew each other. However it was still a competition and the atmosphere was intense.  This box was a bit narrow so I was able to shoot with my prime lenses majority of the time. These athletes were giving me smiles...high fives...pain faces.. all while moving the barbell!!!!


While covering this event I had numerous athletes offer me water and even a FITAID. Its a pleasure to be appreciated of the hard work put forth to cover these competitions. I cant wait to continue my work with GGRX especially with a great CEO like Lindsey!!!!! 


 I am booked to cover GGRX in Winston Salem in a couple weeks and cant wait to meet these athletes. Blessed to be a part of such a great cause and cant wait to share images from the next one!!!! Would like to personally thank Lindsey for trusting me with her brand and allowing me to spend time with my community!!!  Be blessed everyone!!!!



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