GGRX at HOME!!!!

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Location: Crossfit Harrisburg (Harrisburg NC)

Nikon D750 and D800 w/24-70mm Tamron  and 70-200mm Nikon   Alien Bees 800, Pro Studio 300 Strobe 



      As many of you already know I have covered a few events for Girls Gone RX. This one however would be one of the most enjoyable to shoot. Why do you ask??? Because Crossfit Harrisburg is my home box and where I currently coach. When Lindsey (Owner of GGRX) was looking for boxes to host events I quickly volunteered CFH. I knew that my box would be able to draw a big crowd and crush the fundraising numbers. Boy was I right!!!!  


First off HUGE CREDIT to Nikki Kral who promoted this event to the fullest and stayed on social media daily. I strongly believe the massive turnout was due to her promotion, so KUDOS to you Nikki. I just may have you take over my Instagram account!!


 Also big shout out to Frankie Richardson for owning the greatest box and hosting a smoothly operated event. Not to mention being on the microphone all day!!! Dope job Frankie!!!


There were multiple reasons I was looking forward to covering this GGRX...

Yes of course its my home box.

Multiple athletes who I coach all signed up for the event

Majority of the athletes who were doing the comp from other boxes, I personally knew from other events

Since I have done so many shoots at this gym before the setup time was super quick!!!


The first event consisted of a power clean complex. These ladies were tossing around some weight. As always I was double fisting with my D750 and for the first time my D800 would be put to the test. Was not disappointed at all.

The focus and determination in all these athletes eyes was so cool to witness. Pretty sure we all experienced some PR faces and moments!!!


As you can see used my strobes with the D800. Love the effect it gave. As time went on I decided to take the strobes down completely and strictly use natural light. Very happy with my decision. It was such a large group that the strobes eventually became pointless unless the team were located in certain spots.


There were multiple events which consisted from everything to box jumps...thrusters..toes 2 bar...double unders...rope climbs... wall balls...sand bag carry... and bike. With so many movements to cover I stayed on the move.


 The atmosphere was so positive the entire day. Not only were the athletes hype but so were the supporters. There were plenty of vendors as well as the fire dept showing their support. The kids absolutely LOVED it!!!



There then came a point where it just became tough but yet motivating to watch. To all the athletes who participated, you know exactly what event I am speaking of. IT ALL INVOLVED A SANDBAG. This was when I saw most "PAIN FACES" ever. Please enjoy!!!

But best believe where there are pain faces, there are plenty moments of joy and celebration!!!


 The sandbag run was extremely fun to shoot however there was a moment I will ALWAYS remember. I will explain that later. For now here are so cool shots of the 800m run!!!

 Now for the moment I was referring to. First off let me say.. we all know Crossfit is not easy. Crossfit can put you in an uncomfortable zone really easily. How you adapt and push through that moment is what its all about. That moment is also the huge reason why I love to shoot Crossfit competitions. This athlete pictured below entered that zone. I know for a fact she dug deeper than she ever has to finish this 800m run under the time cap. Did I mention that every single person outside was yelling and cheering for her. Sometime as a photographer when moments like this happen I tend to get caught up with the crowd and forget what I am there to do. However I did capture her final run!!!! Much respect.... Much respect!!! 



I personally want to thank all the athletes who allowed me to capture them during this event. Your hard work and determination the entire day was truly a motivation. Thanks for being awesome!!!!


I do know I missed one team photo, so Dee, Debbie and Sandy my apologies. I think I had an issue rounding you ladies up. Definitely not intentional. #9AMCrew


I want to thank GGRX for having me cover this event and look forward to many more. Special thanks to my home box for as always being a great host and looking forward to next year, Lord willing. Blessed to be a part of such a great cause and cant wait to share images from the next one!!!! Would like to personally thank Lindsey for trusting me with her brand and allowing me to spend time with my community!!!  Be blessed everyone!!!!



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