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Sept 16th 2017

Location: Crossfit Charlotte  

Nikon D750 and D3s w/24-70mm Tamron  and 70-200mm Nikon   



      This  past weekend I was fortunate enough to be a part of such a rewarding event. Dream on 3 Foundation and Beers and Burpees team up to bring the Crossfit Community together to raise money to help make dreams come true for children. These children get granted amazing wishes to create personal experiences with their favorite athletes, sporting event or sports team. I was extremely bummed last year when I was unable to cover the event. I made sure this year I would be available. I would be teaming up with two other great photographers in shifts to cover the entire event.

Gant Maginnis Photography @grantmaginnis

Vibrant Photography @myvibrantphotos

Be sure to check both of them out. 


First I want to say thanks to Mike Dascal and Brandon Lindsey for reaching out to me in regards to covering the event. I have always been eager to shoot at Crossfit Charlotte, so this was a win win. There was also a large group of athletes from my home box of Crossfit Harrisburg that were competing. My shift of coverage was 130 - 330pm. I knew it was going to be a hot one and had to make sure I stayed hydrated (NOT WITH BEER). Upon arrival there were so many cars in the parking lot. Had absolutely no idea where to park... However I lucked out with a good spot up front. 


I was greeted by the wonderful volunteers at the registration table who provided me with a shirt and a secure area to place my gear. While walking through the box it was great to see so many familiar faces from the area competing. Although my shift didn't start until 1:30pm, there were a couple members from CFH going at 1 so I started a bit early. The WOD consisted of..


Drink a Cup of Beer

1st round of Workout:  250m run, 25 Wall Balls (Modification = Air Squats), 25 Box Jumps (Mod = Box Step Ups), 25 Pullups (Mod = Jumping Pullups or Pushups) and 25 Burpees.

Drink a Cup of Beer

2nd round of Workout: same as above.

Drink a Cup of Beer

3rd round of Workout: same as above.

Drink a Cup of Beer

Time Cap of 20 minutes.


Adaptive Athletes - Register under the "Regular Division" and choose the 230pm Heat Time which consists of Adaptive Athletes & non-Adaptive Athletes.

Same rules as above for drinking and sharing of exercises, however, drinking is optional.

3 Rounds - 20 minute cap

250m Wheeled Sprint/Row/Arms Only Row (Both partners)

25 Seated Wall Balls/Wall Balls to a Box/Weighted Squats

25 Burpees to a Box/Floor to Box Transfers (20/12)/Push Ups to Plates or Box

25 Ring Rows/Pull Ups to Anchored Bar/Seated Ring Dips/Seated Box Dips

25 Step Ups/Step Ups to Alternate Heights/Chair Transfers/Floor to box Transfers

* Questions/Clarifications - Contact Dr. Amanda Kloo at Project Momentum Fitness:  [email protected]


The workout is 3 Rounds of the following:  Eat a Brownie, 250 yard run, 20 lunges, 20 jumping jacks, 20 sit-ups and 20 burpees. 


I was excited to cover the adaptive athlete heat.. 1. Because it awesome and crazy motivating.. 2. Because I was looking forward to capturing Erika Bogan of Crossfit Vitality putting in work. Every heat was pretty crowded so I had to stay moving and try to capture as many athletes as I could. I was able to shoot pretty wide (24-70mm) to cover the entire atmosphere of the event. I threw the 70-200mm on my D750 so I would be able to shoot across the box and get pretty tight for those solo shots.


There were some epic moments captured which included 1 arm burpees... 1 arm rows... Rowing and Pullups in wheelchairs... the list goes on. If you have never been motivated or pushed before, I highly recommend you witness an adaptive athlete put in some work. 


 The biggest moment was what we all were there for. That was to make a dream come true for a deserving child. The gym was completely cleared out while he was escorted in. The scene was set like he was getting a tour of the gym. Little did he know there were over 1k people outside the bay doors ready to cheer for him. When the doors were raised the crowd erupted. I was able to catch that moment. Check it out. 



 Once the cheering calmed down Mike Dascal took the mic and informed the recipient that his dream to meet Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers was coming true. He will be flown out to hang with Antonio and the team and attend a game. Such an awesome moment to witness. Oh yes.. and he would be doing the workout as well.. good thing he brought shorts. 




I have covered numerous events, as I am sure you all are aware. However this one was very special. The turnout for this event was insane. All for charity and for the children. I am convinced that there is no other community like the Crossfit community. Being able to be a part of it makes my job worth it. I enjoy what I do and events like this allows my passion to grow even more.

I look forward to working with Dream on 3 Foundation in the future so standby for that announcement!!!! Thank you to Crossfit Charlotte for being a great host and providing such a great atmosphere for Beers and Burpees.  I want to thank all the volunteers and my fellow photographers for the hard work.

To all the athletes who gave me hugs and fist bumps showing support.. THANK YOU.. You all know who you are!!! Im sure we will continue to cross paths. Be Blessed Everyone.... and be sure to standby for that announcement.....





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