Mollie at the Pumpkin Patch

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October 11th, 2015

Location: RiverBend Farm, Midland NC

Nikon D600 w/ 70-200mm 2.8



      The time has come again for a session with  adorable Mollie. Our last shoot was months ago and Mollie has grown so much since then. When Jessica reached out about doing another shoot with Mollie I couldn't wait. Mom had the idea of doing it at a pumpkin patch so immediately I began looking for locations. Jessica mentioned Riverbend and that her and Josh went last year. I reached out to the farm and spoke with one of the owners. By far one of the best conversations I have ever had. So friendly and talkative, which made me even more eager to work with this pumpkin patch. We were orginally scheduled for Oct 10 but the weather didn't agree at all. It literally rained ALL DAY. There was no chance of an outdoor session that day. However the weather Sunday couldn't have been better, it was PERFECT.


I arrived to the farm about 30 to 45 min early to start shopping some locations, but what I didn't know is that you had to get on a wagon pulled by a tractor to get to the pumpkin patch. This farm had a great setup. Every kid that came in had a smile form ear to ear when they saw all the animals and activities they could do. Once Josh and Jess arrived with the model.. aka Mollie we went straight to the wagon to head to the pumpkin patch. Mollie was ready to go and so was I. As soon as we arrived we started setting up pumpkins to hold Mollie up or at least some that she could lean on. It was so awesome because last time I photographed her she had to be held the entire time. 


   I have to thanks Josh and Jessica for singing...playing peek a boo... and clapping hands which allowed me to get these amazing smiles. After the pumpkin setup I had an idea of a shot I wanted of Mollie sitting on the walking trail with a few pumpkins around her while sitting on a blanket. The lighting was perfect so it really came down to how I wanted to expose the image. I love the way it turned out. I may not have gotten a smile, but the image was 100% worth it. 



As we made our way back to the wagon we decided to do a little setup of Mollie just playing in the grass. Its amazing the photos you can get when just letting a kid be a kid. FYI.. Mollie love grass!!!!

    We also were joined my Grandma and Grandpa towards the ends of the shoot. While we were waiting for the wagon to drop them off we got a few pictures of Mollie sitting on back of our wagon. She was in rare form for these. We had to have assistance from dad to get her positioned which required me to snap very quickly. Pretty sure we nailed it.. I will let you be the judge.


When Grandma and Grandpa arrived we made our way back up to the entrance of the farm. While we were traveling at a high speed of 2-mph I grabbed a couple shots of Mollie with her grandfather. It was tough since we were so close and I had my 70-200mm, I had to step back a bit. Once we got off the wagon we had a bit of time left so we got a few more shots of Mom..Dad and Mollie and also a picture of Mollie with her Grandparents. Its such a blessing to have great neighbors who are happy with your services to invite you back for another session. I look forward to capturing Mollie as she grows up. Also being able to show her personality though my lens. Until next time Mollie.... Keep Smiling and Growing and I'm sure your Dad would say GO BEARS!!!!   Your Mom and I say GO YANKEES!!!!!





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