Neighborhood Family Shoot

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November 8, 2015

Location: Downtown Concord,  Concord NC

Nikon D600 w/ 70-200mm 2.8, 24-85mm  


I will start this blog off by saying this session involved one of the most photogenic 1 year old's I have ever experienced. I was reached out to about a month ago looking to get some photos taken of their daughter Faryn. I was informed that she was turning 1 very soon and him and his wife wanted to capture her close to her big day. We played phone tag for a bit before finally getting a hold of each other. We set a date for the 8th of November in Downtown Concord. This would be my first time shooting in this location and let me tell you.. I LOVE IT!!! Plenty of great nooks and alleys to get some cool images. I was even fortunate enough to have a history lesson of downtown, given by Faryn's parents. I was very intrigued by how much information they knew.  When I arrived on location the first thing I noticed was an awesome wall with a mural displayed all over it. I knew that I wanted to start the session there. When everyone arrived I was greeted with smiles and kind words. I knew this shoot was going to go well. Faryn was smiling already so I was sure to get started quickly. I had her dad position her against the mural and you can see below what was captured.


As you can see Faryn was amazing!!!!


We started to walk and make our way around downtown and Faryn's mother informed me that she worked extremely close, as a matter of fact she pointed to the building. We made our way over and there was some amazing landscaping and a couple benches that made for a great setup. Luckily there were no other people around so we were really able to do whatever we needed to do. Very pleased with the turnout.


While walking around continuing to get my history lesson, I continued looking locations. They were so down to earth and easy to talk to. Not to mention Faryn was so well behaved. We then came across a brick walkway, that I thought would be great with Faryn  sitting down. I then added  Mom and Dad to the mix. Once Faryn was seated she just did her thing and allowed me to snap away. 

As much as I would like to take credit for all these awesome smiles that Faryn was giving me, I just cant do it. To put it simple, she was just a happy baby and I loved it. I am a big fan of alley ways especially if they have brick. It gives images so much depth and character. Of course this location was full of them, white and red brick. I decided to choose my favorite of the two and here is the result.

Spending time with the Thompson Family was and extreme delight. Another fun fact about this family, we live in the same neighborhood. So not only did I gain new friends, I also met my neighbors. Mom and Dad came to me with the idea of wanting to have pictures that Faryn could see when she gets older and see where she grew up. Faryn will also get to look back and know she got pictures in front of where her mother was employed. To know that they trusted me to capture and freeze this moment in Faryn's life was an honor. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to working with them again. This day consisted of 2 shoots, so from here I went directly to Uptown for another family session. Look for my next blog to read about my experience at Freedom Park.


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