New Neighbor and New Baby

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April 11th, 2015

Location: The Green, Uptown Charlotte NC

Nikon D600 w/ 50mm 1.4



      Back in Uptown again and YES at The Green. I love this place!!!!!  This shoot was very special since it was literally my next door neighbors. Josh and Jess are the most friendly neighbors anyone could ask for and made my wife and I feel so welcome when moving into the neighborhood. When Josh first told us that they were expecting a baby and wanted me to do their photos.. I was beyond excited. Mollie is a bundle of joy with the cutest chubby cheeks ever. My wife Tiffany joined me on this shoot and she was so helpful... not only did she throw out some posing ideas she made some very funny comments which allowed me to capture some great laughing photos of Josh and Jess. We were also fortunate enough to have Josh's Mom... aka Grammie along for the shoot and we were able to get some great shots with her holding Mollie. Although we were just meeting Josh's mom, it was like she was our neighbor as well... which explains why Tiffany and I hit it off so well with Jess and Josh.


     I was on the fence on if I should shoot with my 70-200mm or my new 50mm 1.4. So I shot with both... majority the 50mm.  Mollie was not agreeing with the sunlight at all so we needed to find areas to keep the sun from her eyes. Trust me when the sunlight hit her eyes she let us know. Mollie also let us know that she was hungry and this shoot would not continue until she was fed. So that is what we did... waited until Mollie finished her bottle then she was good to go. It was such a relaxing and fun atmosphere because here we were, neighbors enjoying each others company while capturing some great photos of their new addition to the family. Mollie have us all she had until she called it quits and went to sleep... Yes a models day at work is hard work... her nap was well deserved. I cant wait to complete this gallery and present my neighbors/friends with photos they can cherish forever. 



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