RXtreme Games "Poker Run" Crossfit Event

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May 30th, 2015

Location: Crossfit Crib, Crossfit Cabarrus, Crossfit Afton and Crossfit Harrisburg

Nikon D600 w/70-200mm 2.8VR , 24-85mm, 50mm 1.4.  2 Alien Bees Strobes w/SB700 on camera for fill light




    This past weekend I was fortunate enough to shoot a Crossfit Event in support of the North Carolina Epilepsy Foundation hosted by RXtreme Games. Athletes from the Charlotte area came together to compete and raise money for an awesome cause and foundation. Tori Fullwood (Owner of RXtreme Games) is also a member of Crossfit Harrisburg, my home box which this an easy business relationship. The first stop was Crossfit Crib and the Event was a  "Blind Row". Each athlete had to row 1500m with the display screen turned away from them. I set up 2 strobes with 1 in each corner so I could light the entire box up. I used my 70-200mm and 50mm for this location. 


The next stop was Crossfit Cabarrus and consisted of a Clean and Jerk Ladder and a Snatch Ladder. The setup for the event was legit. All the bars set up with weight loaded. I was tempted to pick something up myself....had to calm myself down..HA. Before the event started I was able to meet Christy Rossi of "Snatch and Run" Apparel. They have some great gear for you to get a tough WOD in. I have pasted a link to her site below. Be sure to check it out. The event was so much fun being able to catch athletes in the middle of aggressive snatch and clean pulls. My strobes saved me for this event and definitely gave me the look I was going for. For this location I shot with my 24-85mm.


We then drove to Crossfit Afton which consisted of multiple runs and AMRAPS which included...Double Unders, Toes to Bar, Slam Balls, Burpee to Plate, Knees to Chest. FIrst let me tell you.. IT WAS HOT... going outside to capture the athletes during the run was brutal. Crossfit Afton may have had one of the best sounds systems I have heard in a box which made it easy for me to get in a zone and shoot. I used my 70-200mm for the run and 24-85mm for the inside movements. The energy for this event was great and Crossfit Afton was very welcoming and made sure I had everything I needed.    


The last stop was my home box of Crossfit Harrisburg. Felt good to be home!!! This event included GHD's, Walking Lunges, Rope Climbs, Wall Balls and Medicine Ball Ab Mat sit ups. Since I have done shoots in the box numerous times I already knew the setup that was needed. I was able to use my 24-85mm for this entire location. Afterwards they presented swag bags for those who placed and also provided cash to the winner of the Poker Run card draw. I enjoyed every aspect of this event from the driving to different boxes to the multiple styles of events. I look forward to my next Crossfit event which will be the SuperFit Games!!!! STAY TUNED....

RXtreme Games : http://www.rxtremegames.com/

Crossfit Crib : http://crossfitcrib.com/

Crossfit Cabarrus : http://crossfitcabarrus.com/

Crossfit Afton : http://www.crossfitafton.com/

Crossfit Harrisbrug: http://www.crossfitharrisburg.com/

Snath and Run: http://www.snatchandrun.com/



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