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October 1st, 2016

Location: Boone, NC

Nikon D750  and D600 w/70-200mm , 24-85mm, 85mm  



      Hello everyone!!! October has been a very busy month so my apologies for the late blog post. However, I have a great one for you. I was fortunate enough to cover a wedding for 2 members of Crossfit Harrisburg. Richard and Elle reached out to me months ago to announce 2 things.

1. They were expecting their first child

2. They will be getting married and want me to be their photographer.

I took this as a great honor because I knew they had numerous options of photographers to choose from. Elle made it clear that she couldn't think of anyone else she wanted to capture her special day. I cant say I wasn't smiling during the entire conversation. I wasthen informed that they wanted to have maternity pictures as well, which would be taken after the ceremony. Months passed and Oct 1st was here before we knew it. It was time to make the drive to Boone NC.  I was very excited to shoot at this location because I knew the scenery would be gorgeous. When I was about 20 mins from the location there was a massive fog which provided no visibility, which caused me to raise concern. However 10 min later the skies were clear and I arrived at this amazing home venue.

I was greeted by Richard as soon as I arrived. I met his best friend who I thought 100% was his brother... Missed that one!!  Then I walked inside and met a room full of family. Everyone was so welcoming and they made me feel like part of the family. I started prepping my gear and waited for Elle to come out and meet Richard. I knew the ceremony was going to move quickly so I made sure to get the best shots that I could with the time allowed. 

It was then time to kiss the bride. I used my 24-85mm to capture this moment. Luckily I was able to get right in front of them the get these shots below.


Once we completed the ceremony images, we loaded up the car and drove down a beautiful location with a pond and great backdrops. We started with the formal pictures first. I went with my trustworth 70-200mm. Elle and Richard were up for pretty much anything that I recommended. We already had a really good relationship so I was super comfortable directing and providing suggestions.



Elle had the best cowboy boots on which made great for pictures with her wedding dress. Definitely provided a great look. Love how they turned out. I noticed a paved walkway that I thought would make great for an individual shot of Elle.... and I was right!!!! The lighting was great and Elle was literally glowing!


Was even able to get one of Richard along with a couples shot.


Across the pond was a large boulder which was a perfect setup for portraits. We played around with multiple setups but my main concern was that Elle was comfortable. She was such a great sport and kept that lovely smile on her face the entire time.

I had a prop chalkboard that I want to use and I noticed a great location. There was a massive log that was literally long enough to sit an entire family, however I only needed room for 3.... Yes 3... can't forget about their little girl Elle is carrying. 


Elle reached out me weeks prior stating that there was a picture she wanted to make sure she got. Unfortunately, I was unable to remember the idea. Luckily it was all discussed through messenger and I literally pulled out my phone and found the conversation. It was go time and we nailed it!!!!


Up next we had the maternity shoot. Elle went to the car and changed into her pink dress and we quickly got started. We needed Richard to assist us with the next series of images. He did great!!!!


We moved into a a pretty cool shot with a prop she brought from the house. It worked out perfectly!



On our way down to the pond we saw an old pickup truck and I wanted to make sure we took advantage of it. WE SURE DID!!!! We were in and out!!!


 We made our way back up to the house to finish up with some scenery shots. The view was too gorgeous not take advantage of. I switched to my 24-85mm to capture the landscape view. 



We finished up with some adorable baby shoes that await for their baby girl.


I wanted to give a huge thanks to Richard and Elle for allowing me to be a part of their special day. Knowing that they trusted me with such an important time in their lives means a lot to me. Their family and friends treated me so nice and made sure that I had everything that I needed. We shared laughs and I even received hugs along with thanks. This wedding was such a joy to cover and was excited when I heard how much they loved their gallery. I wish Richard and Elle nothing from the best and cant wait to meet their baby girl.  


Be blessed everyone


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