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October 9th, 2016

Location: Downtown Concord NC

Nikon D750  70-200mm and 85mm  



      Good Evening everyone!!! This is the time of year for senior protraits for high school and college students, so needless to say these past 2 months have been pretty busy. This particulair session was with a young lady I have worked with before as a makeup artist. She has provided her services for a few models I have worked with and she does an amazong job. I am also a friend of her mother... yes you guessed it CROSSFIT. Jill and I are bioth members at Crossfit Harrisburg so it was pretty easy to get everything organized and scheduled.


Jill originally reached out to me after receiving Alli's pictures from her school. She wasnt extremely pleased with the turnout and wanted to know if I was available. I was more than honored to provide these images for the both of them. We then scheduled a date and deciced on the the location of Downtown Concord. I was familiar with the area due to previous family sessions I have had. Jill had a friend who lived in downtown and had a lovely setup outside her neighborhood. The weather was great and I knew we were going to have a great day.


We started along a cool looking rock wall that aligned the sidewalk. It literally went up the entire street so I used it to my advanatge. To all my photographers out there.. we know there is nothing like a rock...brick... or stressed wood background.


As I looked up the road a bit, I really wanted to capture the sun and flare while she was walking towards me. With the color of her hair and her complexion I was confident I would get the image I wanted. Check it out!!

We then made our way back toward some cobblestone steps which would be great to position Alli on. We even performed a wadrobe change. One thing that I already knew about Alli is that she had a great sense of style. She had a lovely dress with some red shoes along with a hat. I was a huge fan of the hat.... Great Touch Alli!!!!

Jill then let me know about her friends backyard where she had a nice little setup with a swing. We were starting to lose sunlight and the area was covered in shade. Luckily I always carry my 85mm and 50mm. I decided on the 85mm for the images below.

Toward the end of the session Jill mentioned that they didnt have any pictures together. She also shared a story of a picture frame she has had for a while and hasnt had a picture to fill the frame. Currently it still has the picture of the random family we all receive when purchasing a frame. By looking at these images below,  she can now fill that frame.


It was a great experience getting to work with Alli as the model instead of her being behind the scenes. She is a very sweet girl and definitely has a bright future. I was informed that she will be graduating high school and getting her Associate's degree at the same time... HOW ABOUT THAT!!!! Clearly she is a focused young woman and will do amazing things. I look forward to working with her again very soon for some upcoming shoots that I have. I want to thank the Love Family for allowing me to capture this exciting time in Alli's life. Also want to thank you all for taking to time to read about my experience with this shoot. As always I appreciate the continued support. Hope everyone has a great night!!!!

Be blessed everyone


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